Colour Digital Printing

Colour digital printing produced at Vertifix is an easy and cost effective process. Your aim should be to use colour in printed materials to catch the audience’s eye and convey a message with punch and purpose. As Printing technology is constantly evolving, Vertifix are always looking to provide their clients with the best quality at the most competitive prices.

There are plenty of advantages that come with colour digital printing. Not only is the turnaround of delivery very fast, but it also delivers great results. You can use vibrant colours, graphics and logos for marketing purposes. The use of colour digital printing can also help companies achieve professional representation. The advances in colour printing techniques can be optimized to create brochures, catalogues, leaflets, etc., to increase your sales.

The use of the latest print software can ensure precise imaging and screening, thereby ensuring the best results. The accurate reproduction of the actual colour on printed material can make any marketing campaign more effective and convey a professional appeal. Colour digital printing can be done on virtually any type of paper materials up to 350gsm

At Vertiflix Printing, we offer an extensive range of colour digital printing services, with quick turnaround times at very reasonable prices. We take pride in our colour digital printing and our services will absolutely make you stand out from the crowd.Take full advantage of the benefits of colour digital printing and express your world with the true spirit of colours.

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