Fragrance Printing – Scratch and Sniff

Fragrance printing is known by many other names such as scratch and sniff printing. Nevertheless, its concept and impact remains the same: create an immediate positive impression in the minds of the reader. Fragrance printing basically makes use of the sense of scent to awaken curiosity, improve brand recognition, and boost company sales. There are other benefits associated with using fragrance printing including:

  • Grab customer attention
  • Associate your brand with a positive memory
  • Improve engagement
  • Increase sales

At Vertifix, we have a wide assortment of fragrances you can choose from. These range from flower and fruit fragrances to earthy aromas. You can also pick among special aromas such as coffee, chocolate, and food. One thing’s certain though: fragrance printing will definitely leave its mark on the minds of the target market.

Messages with added IMPACT

Fragrance printing also known as scratch and sniff printing - A critical tool to drive sales of brand sampling.
The only limit is your imagination.

Your Sales Message With Scent…

  • Awakens emotions and curiosity directly.
  • Animates customers’ engagement with your product
  • Increases customers’ attention.
  • Increases reminder value even after days.
  • Increases the chance that your product gets into the long-term memory with a positive rating.
  • Increased sale.


  • Microencapsulation of fragrance oils for print with scents.
  • Microencapsulation of fragrance oils for Household/ textile-applications.
  • Microencapsulation for technical applications.

Fragrence Printing | Scratch and Sniff

Vertifix Printing has standard Fragrances to choose from. The range consists of flower fragrances, herbals, fruit fragrances, food aromas and even such aroma as earth, grass, chocolate, coffee and many more. We also have the technology to develop and customise new scents to suit you.

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