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Over the years, invitations remain the most common way to inform people about an upcoming event. Invitations can be as simple as a postcard or as intricate as personalized greeting cards. But regardless of the print medium you choose, any important occasion goes hand in hand with an engaging invitation that highlights the significance of the event. With the advanced capabilities of Vertifix modern printing equipment, your invitations printing job will have the wow factor you will be looking for.

Whether have a birthday party, 21st, baby shower, or wedding, Vertifix can supply Invitations printing to the highest quality. Invitations printing is a great way of making a successful announcement for any special affair. It works to capture the attention of person invited. In order to produce a successful invitation, there are a number of factors that need to be considered before doing the printing production. These include the design, choice of colours, background image, paper stock and the content.

With the experience and expertise of the graphic designers and the printing personnel, invitations printing is easy at Vertifix. This is because they have what it takes to handle all your printing jobs and they are equipped with the latest equipment and high quality printing. Clients are always guaranteed of high quality prints.

We can print envelopes and provide mailing services to get the invitations where and when clients want them delivered. So, next time you plan and prepare for a grand celebration call on Vertifix, the invitations printing experts.








With the present industry there are lots of commercial printing company that are sprouting, however need to be wise in choosing for your printer because not all can provide with what you are looking. As a customer paying for the job it is just your right to choose a printer that can give what you are looking for.

Other than this, it helps build up the theme of the event or of the gathering. It can aptly motivate and excite the recipient just by hinting him or her just enough as to what to expect in the event.

Let your style flourish and effectively announce your events through invitations. Invitations for such gatherings are supposed to be a cinch to make since may designs are available online. There are various templates to guide you through the designs available for any particular gathering. Even though there are more than adequate themes to give you ideas, the possibilities in itself can be overwhelming.

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