Corporate Printing Services

Here at Vertifix, we aim to provide the best corporate printing services to both small scale and global companies. Among the services we provide include magazine, calendar, posters, newsletters, wedding invitation, letterheads, and banners printing services.

We aim to meet all your corporate printing needs. For example, if you want to publish magazines for internal use, our staff can guide you on the right size and style of the publication. Our company takes both small and large orders; Quantity is never a problem.

Our Corporate Printing Services also features many benefits. Among these are:

·Customised Printing Services – Vertifix carefully looks into the needs and requirements of each client before offering suggestions.

·Binding Style – depending on your order, we are flexible when it comes to your binding style. This is important because it can affect the way in which the reader uses the documents.

·Single or Double Sides Printing –promotional flyers can have one side or both sides printed.

Clients who have used Vertifix for their printing needs inevitably recommend it to others. We provide high end service and with outstanding quality all at reasonable prices.

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