Graphic Design

Graphic design is a process that involves the creation or manipulation of images, colours, lines and all the other key elements that make up an excellent composition or layout to create an identifiable look that can generate appeal to viewers, simplifies the message and helps to communicate it effectively. It may sound simple but graphic design actually entails a lot of hard work and expertise.

Once the basic requirements are determined – audience, aim of the message, and the medium – text and graphics are incorporated into the chosen formats and layouts. During the process of creating graphic designs, the basic elements such as balance colour, line, shape, size, space, texture, value and rhythm are employed. Graphic design is extensively used to make various images that suit a specific style that goes well with concepts and themes. However, it is imperative that it effectively conveys the main points or epitomize the concept it was based on.

Graphic design is extremely popular in various fields. But it is the printing industry that is perhaps the most exposed and almost intertwined with graphic designs. Printing companies offer products and services that are all inspired by a unique design. A great graphic design can produce spectacular results for your business.

The combination of graphic design and the elements of printing are virtually inseparable. Designs with stunning style and aesthetics can certainly stand alone. But it is only with the use of the right printer when any graphic design’s full potential can be maximised. It is crucial that the design be conceptualized to meet the requirements for printing.


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